Women's Bodies are Designed to Conceive

Many women dream of becoming mothers and feel certain about that decision. This is not the case for every woman and I think that is perfectly fine. While motherhood is truly a fulfilling role, I also know a number of women without children whose lives are very full and satisfying. They are not “childless” as there is nothing “missing.” They just made a lifestyle choice that should absolutely be respected.

For those women who chose to pursue the path to motherhood, I believe that option should be available to them. If a woman is of a reasonable reproductive age and there are no serious structural issues, then pregnancy is a viable goal.

Many women are told that they are “too old” or that their hormonal conditions will prevent a healthy pregnancy. This can be frustrating, as well as heartbreaking, to hear.  Yes, there is an age at which it is not biologically viable (or wise) for a woman to conceive.  And yes, sometimes there are irreversible conditions that will prevent pregnancy. However, in the absence of these obstacles, there are often a number of practical and effective measures a woman can take to facilitate pregnancy, even when the conventional odds are against her.  

My Fertility Enhancement Program is designed to address the individual fertility concerns of each patient in order to increase the likelihood of an easier conception, a successful pregnancy and a healthy baby. A comprehensive intake, detailed laboratory testing and a customized treatment protocol are all part of this approach to helping women conceive and carry a baby to term.

There is no “one-size-fits-all” approach to any health condition and this especially applies to women’s fertility. I love the challenge of helping a woman who has been told that pregnancy will not happen for her naturally. And I believe that couples are often pushed prematurely into expensive and risky assisted reproductive procedures, but that is a topic for another article.

Considering that our environment has created a number of toxic effects on our reproductive systems (also a topic for an upcoming article), in addition to the fact that women have waited longer to start their families, it makes good sense to do whatever we can to facilitate conception. It’s what our bodies were designed to do.