Many factors contribute to the weight gain that happens around mid-life. Women and men who already eat healthy diet and exercise regularly may find that it become much harder to keep weight in check after age 40. As we age, many of our hormones start to decline or become imbalanced and this can lead to the weight gain that happens at mid-life.

In addition to a thorough assessment of thyroid function, a number of other hormones must also be tested and treated in order to increase metabolism and weight loss. These include: estrogen, testosterone, DHEA, insulin, cortisol, leptin and adiponectin.

hCG Weight Loss Program

Be Well Natural Medicine offers a medically supervised weight loss program based on the original work of Dr. A.T.W SImeons. This program is effective at breaking unhealthy eating patterns and results in rapid,safe and sustainable weight loss.

The hCG weight loss program is most effective after  hormones and other obstacles to weight loss have been assessed and corrected. From this balanced state, the program works well to shed unwanted pounds while establishing new habits for maintaining optimal weight and health.